Since 1961


Located in an enviable scenic beauty, the Edy Più restaurant is located in the same premises that once housed a former friars' monastery of the 1400s. The simple flavors of the past linked to the best Florentine tradition make the restaurant ideal for banquets, ceremonies and business meetings

Our story...

The Edy Restaurant opens for the first time in Piazza Savonarola in the center of Florence in 1961 thanks to the culinary skills of Mrs. Edy and her husband Mario whose specialties range from the famous strawberry risotto to the particular turtle soup. With its genuine dishes, the restaurant becomes part of the "Club del Buongustaio" with all the charges due and is awarded by the Florentine critic Leo Codacci. In 1987 the restaurant moved to the hills of Lastra a Signa carrying on its family tradition to the present day with daughter Miriam, son-in-law Jonathan and nephew Mariaelena.